Wind power - proven energy

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My apologies to all interested parties re my recent correspondence to the paper on climate change (Letters 24 October) for not giving due weight to the impressive nomenclature of the IPCC i.e. in actuality the ‘Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’, not the ‘International Panel on Climate Change’ (same organisation, same reputation, under its ‘colourful’ Chair, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, who was once described, mistakenly, as ‘a leading climate scientist’ – he is in fact an engineer with little such scientific background).

On a final note, I think, as the wind power solution finally becomes becalmed (in a manner of speaking), perhaps we should follow the lead of our transatlantic cousins, who are exploiting an energy source that is cheap, proven to be safe to capture ( despite unfounded fears to the contrary) and plentiful (sufficient reserves in the UK to be the equivalent of the initial discovery of North Sea Oil.

Shale gas, anyone?

Dr Mike Stopper