Wind farm - Sir Edward must do better

wind farm

Sir Edward must do better

Sir Edward Leigh proudly trumpets his success in repeatedly blocking wind farm developments in his constituency (Market Rasen Mail, June 30) and getting the new Government to change the rules to enable hostile communities to block such developments in future.

I wonder if Sir Edward can explain why his Conservative Government isn’t offering the same rights to communities affected by grotesque fracking proposals, a far more environmentally destructive and health damaging practice.

Sir Edward also has little to say about issues which are relevant to a far greater proportion of his electorate than wind farms.

He appears to have little to say about road safety, even though his constituency has one of the worst records for deaths and serious injuries on the roads in the whole country.

In Market Rasen alone, we have hazardous roads around both the primary and secondary schools, yet there are no pedestrian crossings or crossing patrols around either school.

In addition, we have the increasingly hazardous junction of George Street and Queen Street in the town centre where pedestrians, including the disabled and people with pushchairs, are forced to take their life in their hands to squeeze between heavy traffic.

No wonder Market Rasen town centre is dying on its feet.

And at the other end of the constituency in Gainsborough, we find two railway stations so dilapidated that they are currently being highlighted in a national magazine as symbolic of the failure of railway privatisation.

I dare say the anti-wind farm brigade of Hemswell is raising a drink to Sir Edward, but for the rest of us there is a strong sense that he really must do better.

Geoffrey Barnes

Willingham Road, Market Rasen