Why the pattern of bad behaviour?

EDITOR – This letter has just come to mind.

Since I have lived here in Market Rasen I have noticed that certain nights of the week are full of anti-social behaviour.

There are groups of youths hanging around, up to no good, and young men with cars and motorbikes showing off.

Then, over the airwaves on the CB, you have got people fighting and threatening to do this and that to other people’s CB antennas.

Then on the streets and places where you live you have young men playing music at high volumes all night long.

But other nights of the week nothing seems to happen – no youths hanging around at all, no boy racers showing off, no fights over the airwaves and no music being played at high volume.

What I would like to know is what is so important about those certain nights?

I think a lot of people would want to know why one night is full of anti-social behaviour and other nights are not.

I hope someone out there knows what the answer is to this.

M Boswell

Market Rasen