Why test at this site?

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EDITOR – I refer to articles concerning the ‘tests’ involving loud explosions at Faldingworth that are currently very much to the fore in your paper.

There seems to be an attempt to portray this as only affecting a few people, which I do not believe to be true.

As an independent person I was invited to chair a public meeting at Faldingworth.

The hall was full to capacity and I can’t remember one expression of support for what was happening at the site.

It was unfortunate the owner of the business declined to attend, as even WLDC sent officers.

They got a fair hearing from a well-behaved meeting and were allowed to make their points.

I have no doubt that the site owner would also have had that courtesy extended to him, and would then have had the chance to defend his position – as the officers from WLDC tried to do.

This was no rabble or rent-a-mob, as displayed by the WLDC officers getting a round of applause at the end for at least having had the ‘bottle’ to come and argue their corner.

This meeting was attended by Edward Leigh MP, who gave up his valuable time to attend, and could have given all sides the chance to exchange views, understand each others’ perspectives and maybe even start a dialogue toward a solution.

That said, what seems to be missing from all the exchanges is the fundamental question of how a business of this nature was allowed to start at such an unsuitable location in the first place.

This is compounded by West Lindsey DC hiding behind a lack of received complaints and monitoring the explosions, entirely missing the point that this is about quality of life, free from intrusive noise pollution.

Individual explosions may not constitute a statutory nuisance, but the continued repetition most definitely is an infringement of residents’ rights.

As to no complaints? Why bother, as it does not look likely that WLDC are going to do anything.

If this work is of such importance to the MoD, why is it not done on one of their firing ranges somewhere like Salisbury Plain, where it would not inconvenience anyone?

Sometimes simple solutions are the best.

I. R. Taylor

Middlefield Lane, Glentham