Who was consulted over service?

EDITOR – I have been in touch with the Department of Transport, who informed me that certain consultative procedures must be followed before any changes are made to a public transport facility.

I then contact Mr Skipper at the bus company and asked him who they consulted before making the changes.

He informed me that East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council were in agreement.

No mention of West Lindsey or our local town councillors and, more to the point, did they ask for opinions from the actual bus users?

I think not. What’s the point of have district council and town council officers if they don’t actually check what the users of the service think?

The new timetable has been published and is available on their site. I have pointed out that they removed the service which leaves the town at around 1800 but have a service which is timed at nearly the same time as the train service at around 1630.

So much for sensible timing!

David Warner

Jameson Bridge Street