Who decides where to work?

Editor – May I, through your paper, and following up on Sarah Woodcock’s letter to your paper last week, ask the Highways Department of the county council who decides which footpaths are of paramount importance?

Despite a request from Nettleton Parish Council, no repairs have been done to the footpath which runs from Nettleton along Moortown Road to the Caravan Park.

This path is used by many people in the village, by residents and relatives of the nursing home and people on the caravan site.

It is not possible to walk side by side or push a pushchair or wheelchair along because the path is not wide enough due to encroachment of the grass verges.

It is extremely dangerous, especially on the bend, and has virtually disappeared.

I appreciate times are financially hard, but it is particularly annoying when the county council has done many other paths in our area, as on the A46 approaching Market Rasen.

Perhaps someone would be good enough to let me know when it is planned to repair this footpath?

Carol Barnes

Moortown Road