Where are the ‘deficits’?

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EDITOR – I would like to clarify some of the concerns raised by Archie Farrow in the Rasen Mail, 29/6/2011.

There was no back patting by anyone, just praise for the volunteers who gave up their time and put in a lot of hard work to put on the Gardeners’ Market.

I think Archie should take a little of his time to go and ask local organisations and town traders their response to the event.

Start with the food outlets in the town, gift shops, the church, ATC, youth council, I could go on. I spoke to many local residents who had their arms full of plants. Yes, this event made a small profit.

The other point he brought up was the cemetery, but before I explain this I would like to know what evidence he has for the “ludicrous deficits our council have created”. Please let me know where this ludicrous deficit is before you make accusations of this kind.

The town accounts are there for everyone to see.Nothing is hidden; I give you my word on that.

Even with the issue we had with contaminated soil that was brought onto Mill Road playing field. Eight small pieces of bonded asbestos was found in 300 tons of soil.

The lot had to be removed at a cost of about £68.000, all in the accounts, nothing hidden. Investigations had shown that this could happen to anyone. The area from where the soil was taken may have had a small amount of fly-tipping in the past.

Cemetery: the cost of burial plots has increased over the years but West Lindsey, who run the cemetery at the moment, has kept these costs down.

This has left a shortfall in the budget of the running of the cemetery. This shortfall has been added to the bills of the rest of the taxpayers of West Lindsey. I hope you agree with me, this isn’t fair.

The average fees for local parish and town councils are £250-£600 (Caistor, Middle Rasen, Gainsborough). The higher fee is for people who live outside of the parish. You have other charges, removal of extra spoil, double depth etc.

It costs £1,730 for a burial plot in Chelsea.

So why is the town council taking over the cemetery? We have a choice of not taking it over, but the shortfall in the running costs will fall on all the people of Market Rasen through a Special Expense Account.

I don’t think this is right. I feel the cost should be borne by the estate of the person getting buried and not the rest of us through a special taxation.

I’m sure Archie would love to pay towards my burial!

Coun Ken Bridger

Mayor of Market Rasen