When was council going to tell us of nursery plan

EDITOR – Having attended the Market Rasen Town Council meeting, and having since seen the ‘proposed’ plans for the private nursery to replace the one that is presently at the racecourse I am appalled at the audacity of Lincolnshire County Council and its lack of common courtesy to notify the residents affected, and the town council, sooner of its plans.

Having seen the plans at closer quarters I am shocked that the council is to build a pre-fab type building at the bottom of my garden with its entrance facing directly onto my property, with the footpath/car park being up against the other side of my property so that I look onto a car park from one side of my house and the nursery from the back.

What do I get – a 1.4m Nylofor fence the width of a secure gate away from my property on one side with a footpath and a 2.4m high fence at the bottom of the garden.

I am to lose the view of the field and be polluted from the endless convoy of cars dropping off young children, causing more congestion to an already busy Willingham Road, in the morning and afternoon, and possibly the evening as well.

This is not what I envisaged when I moved into the property more than 15 years ago. The open field was then one of the original selling points.

I wonder when Lincolnshire County Council is going to inform the residents affected on De Aston Field and on Willingham Road of their plans? It would seem they are not.

Thank you Market Rasen Mail for notifying this resident of the proposal to be discussed last Wednesday (October 5, p3 ) or else I would have been none the wiser about it.

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