What will councillor do now?

EDITOR – I can partly understand Coun Strange’s bemusement in his letter to MRM (28/9).

He asserts that no-one has mentioned speeding concerns on the Willingham Road to him.

This could be because your lead article of 7/9 details the concerns of the residents of Walesby Road.

Coun Strange states that (if the concerns had been known to county council officers or parish councillors) ‘I would have done all I could to act on it’.

So now that Coun Strange knows – is he going to do all he can about residents’ concerns: it would appear not.

Towards the end of his letter he says that he is bound by ‘the national and bureaucratic process, which I regret as a local councillor who would like to have more say in where restrictions are placed’.

Coun Strange finishes by asking parishioners to ‘ask the police to take action – which is of course what they are there to do.’

However Lincolnshire County Council, as Highway Authority, is responsible for managing and maintaining the road network in Lincolnshire.

Middle Rasen’s representative on Lincolnshire County Council is Coun Lewis Strange.

Guy Grainger