What should business do to survive?

EDITOR – It’s Wednesday, September 28 2011 and I’ve just purchased the Market Rasen Mail while, as it just happens, I’m in Market Rasen and decide to plonk myself down on a bench in the Market Square to read what our editor has given us to digest on the front page.

And, lo and behold, before one line is read you glance at those four photographs of what were drinking establishments where people flocked, to laugh, cry, play darts, pool, cards, and to put the world to rights while music played in the background when drinking your affordable pint of beer and when smoking your cigarette or cigar. This was ‘Heaven sent’.

But alas, that was then and this is now, and as I read the front page followed by the full story on page three it suddenly dawns on me that governments past and present don’t care, try as we might to do our damnedest to bring Market Rasen back up to scratch in generating Buy Local.

And thinking all’s tickety-boo, along comes another government law or tax and BANG, you become another government statistic with your photograph on the front page of the Market Rasen Mail.

So, to prevent such a catastrophe ever happening and witnessing all your money going round the U-bend, write to your local MP asking him or her where money can be made in local business and what preventive measures one is to take in guarding against one’s demise in this cut-throat world of one’s love for our local business and heritage for future generations.

Nino Hoblyn