What can we do against criminals?

EDITOR – Crime is up, crime is down.

But whatever the way one wants to look at things today like many through rose tinted glasses, there is a good chance that each and every one of us will suffer the inconvenience, heartache, mental torture and physical pain from those whose sole existence upon our Mother Earth is to think they have the God given right to steal from those who have that little of what they cannot be bothered to save for in their pathetic lives.

And with the headline reading ‘Police issue warning as theft figures increase’, Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, March 30 2011, and our editor asking: ‘What do you think can be done to stem the rising number of thefts in the area?’

Well may I just say, without sounding impolite, that the answer to that question is rather obvious, but, alas the methods and actions that we the general law abiding public can use in our own defence are in the eyes of the law somewhat ‘illegal’.

Especially if you broke one or more of the intruders bones in your untrained and over enthusiastic way in dealing with these scum, or sent him or her off with a mark on their cranium from your well aimed cudgel.

So at the end of the day what is one to do, because you cannot go around in a vigilante style gang, unarmed and thus unprotected unlike our police.

And speaking of the police, I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen them on foot here in Caistor and I’ve been here for over seven years, looks like the old term flat foot can no longer be applied when sat behind the wheel of your jam jar, or in the comfort of the station supping cups of tea and dunking chocky biscuits, then sneaking off round the back to the bike shed and lighting up a fag.

Nino Hoblyn