What are drivers for planning decisions?

EDITOR – Isn’t it nice to know that West Lindsey District Council planning do not take into account a private householder’s most important considerations; i.e. the value of his home and his pleasant surroundings?

Of course, many people already knew this, having fallen foul of West Lindsey’s planning gaffs in the past.

West Lindsey have always struggled to differentiate between industrial and residential. Just ask the people of Faldingworth who suffer noise pollution and alleged damage to their properties.

Just ask the people near Caistor who live near the old Hambleton Scrap Yard where a business was set up and later had to be scrapped with ill-feelings from both the proprietor and the long-suffering residents. We’re sure there are many more examples.

So, if West Lindsey planning don’t consider residents – who/what do they consider? Perhaps an increase in council tax revenue; creation of a job or two?

Land-based wind farms are, of course, totally useless, and their efficiency is wildly exaggerated.

They are built because the developer receives Government subsidies. Without these, the applications for these monstrosities would disappear overnight.

In future we’re sure these wind farms will be regarded as the madness of our age. Will they be dismantled, one asks, or merely left to corrode away?

We’re fed up being told by these misguided people that “the lights are going to go out”.

These people ought to consider a high-pressure winter block; the weather is at its coldest, the energy requirement is at its peak, and there is absolutely no wind.

These type of winter blocks can go on for months. They are hard to imagine at the moment, but we will have a period of this type of weather sooner or later, so we’ll end up driving all these monstrosities with gas.

As we said before – the madness of our age.

Roy and Kathryn Bennett

Vicarage Lane, Grasby