Westrum Lane - Positive about site’s future

May I thank you for a reasonable summary of the debate re the above, last Wednesday but point out a couple of items.

It is a pity you have used such an old Photo. Westrum Park is, and has been for years, a smart, tidy site which anyone would be proud to live on.

This planning application is new and nothing to do with any previous application - as is stated in the West Lindsey District Council Planning Officer’s report to WLDC Planning Committee August 2014 - so the history “since 2007” is irrelevant.

The 80% of “what I stated”, which was claimed to be irrelevant by the Ward Councillors, was answering the points made by North Lincs in their second response to West Lindsey - a copy of which North Lincs Council refused to give me until after the Brigg Town Council meeting had taken place.

And I do not consider 338 traffic movements per day to be “horrendous”. This equates to one car every two minutes - a level of traffic that every resident on Grammar School road, Bridge Street, Bigby High Road or even Albert Street, Brigg would gladly welcome.

Coun Ben Nobbs