West Lindsey - Putting Coun Darcel straight

Recently in your newspaper I have seen a number of articles from various politicians criticising Conservative controlled West Lindsey District Council. I would like to set the record straight a bit.

Councillor Darcel quotes a figure for a pension black hole the council has supposedly got. I think the figure quoted is £26 million. This is simply not true.

West Lindsey District Council is a well run council with a balanced budget despite the cuts in funding from central Government. We have frozen the council tax despite the Lib Dems voting for an increase, whilst not only keeping our services going but thanks to the excellent staff of the council, things have got better, and the staff have won many awards.

We have invested time and money into communities, communities such as the EX MOD communities, and places like Market Rasen. Councillor Keimach championed the towns bid for the Portus Pilot scheme with the MR BIG group and our present leader, Cllr Summers supported by the whole Conservative group will go on championing not only Market Rasen but all the towns and villages in the District to bring growth, prosperity and jobs.

I have also read that the Chamber in the Guildhall resembles something at Prime Ministers Question Time. That again, is simply not true. We have debates like everyone else but they do not get out of hand.

Another area I need to set the record straight is over Independents and whipping.

Councillor Darcel says that only independents are not whipped. whilst we do indeed have a chief whip, for the life of me I can not remember the last time it was used in our group, because we welcome healthy debates and understand that people have different views. Last night at full council I had a different view on an issue to all the other councillors who spoke. I am still a conservative and I have not been spoken to.

also if you belong to a group called Lincolnshire Independents and have a leader how are you independent and not a member of a party?

As a Conservative I am proud of our record at West Lindsey District Council and I am convinced that if after May we remain as the controlling group on the Council we will continue to deliver for our residents, businesses and communities.

We have a long term plan for growth and prosperity in the District and I would ask people not to listen to scaremongering or untruths, the future of West Lindsey District Council is secure, and bright despite what others may say.

Councillor Roger Patterson

Conservative Scampton

Ward West Lindsey District Council