West Lindsey - How is money managed?

Since writing last, the Rasen Mail carried two articles on local government.

The first on Asset Management and the second on two new directors.

These two articles show the bedrock of my concerns over management in local government.

How many times have you read in this paper how well your money is being managed?

The contributors are pushing their own agenda. Obviously, these contributors have no business experience.

Anyone who has run a business knows just how important a balance sheet is.

If you do not know the value of your assets the balance sheet is useless.

If, also, you do not know the extent of your liabilities the balance sheet is totally useless.

Yet Councillors sign off these documents and say “Well done”. It is madness.

For over three years I have been campaigning for better financial control and have always been told “everyone else knows better”.

Our deficit on the pension fund is currently £26m having grown by £2.6m in the last year. You would be amazed at how many emails I have received telling me there is “No Problem”.

I would however, like to welcome our two new directors and wish them well: they certainly have much to do.

WLDC Cllr Chris Darcel