West Lindsey - Getting to the facts at council

Please find below my response to Cllr Darcells letter in the Rasen Mail the other week:

The Facts.

During the last few months I have taken to reading the Market Rasen Mail.

With some interest I read viewpoint, the letters page. There are some good letters and comments but sadly I regularly come across an entry from Councillor Chris Darcel of Fiskerton , a West Lindsey councillor.

His interpretation of the facts in last week’s edition were almost totally inaccurate. I would like to give you the true version.

For visual proof of my comments you can view the video recording of the policy and resources committee of last week on the West Lindsey Council website. Incidentally our Financial strategy and mid term financial plan 2015/16 to 2019/20 midterm final review, which went to council on Monday night for approval contained 143 pages of explanations, charts and graphs on which it would appear counsellor Darcel had not read.

Chris referred to £11 million which West Lindsey has committed to Lincoln County Council for the building of the Lincoln eastern bypass. Not true. West Lindsey district Council will make contributions to the Lincoln eastern bypass, which passes through West Lindsey via the mechanisms of 106 agreements and the new COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY payments which will come out of local development.

For those not in the know 106 payments and CIL payments come from housing developments to pay for infrastructure and community facilities ie. education and health.

He claimed that the councils liability has increased by £25 million, again this is not true our liabilities are at £10.49 million.

However this is of no concern as a process is in place to enable us to discharge those liabilities over time. All Financial issues are governed by the National CIPFA code of conduct. West Lindsey’s financial affairs are audited by both internal and external auditors, with results for all to see!

My comments can be supported by the legal process.

Jeff Summers.

Conservative, Leader of the West Lindsey District Council