West Lindsey - Council leader insults voters

I hope Cllr. Jeff Summers isn’t in the habit of making gaffs and insulting the voters. Gold, silver and iron ore to describe three of the party leaders is hardly a good analogy when you consider they’re listed in order of per gramm monetary value rather than usefulness. It’s also worth pointing out that none of the three leaders he mentions have a 
monopoly on popularity with none of them polling as much as 50% approval of the population.

Cllr. Summers attempts to place Edward Leigh on the pedestal of principles, obviously ignores my expressed facts, in these columns, a couple of weeks ago.

It also fails to address the fact that whilst Edward Leigh espouses Euroscepticism, he remains a member of a party which led us into what was then the EEC and has signed treaties and agreements submerging us still further into an orgainisation whose end-game is a federal Europe and almost certainly a socialist state. And whilst he may find some satisfaction in pushing for prayers before council meetings, he’d perhaps serve the people better by commenting on the 16th century Foxes Acts and Monuments (aka Book of Martyrs), there’s some delightful woodblock prints of protestants being burned at the stake.

We are “promised” a referendum in what must currently be an unlikely event that Cameron can even get a referendum bill through the Commons, let alone the Lords; to do either, he will need an overall majority, with or without a coalition or for him to invoke the Parliament Act.

The EU is an interesting study, remember it was heralded as the salvation of Britain through much of the sixties until we were joined at the hip in 1973. Of course the daft politicians who applauded Ted Heath for getting us in, were only too aware of Britaing being referred to as “the poor man of Europe”, without recognising it was down to dreadful rule by successive governments, management and unions of the immediate post-war period and probably before.

But our salvation was what the EEC was supposed to be and it’s worth noting that since joining in 1973, the following periods are worth reflecting on.1974 - c1986, 1990 - c2002, 2007 - 2015

I could leave it there if I thought the significance would become readily apparent but one doesn’t need to be an economist to know that those years were the ones where Britain has been in the doldrums, where we have been in a state of some, often high level of finacial meltdown. Don’t think for one moment that the current Conservative euphoria is in any way a statement of their excellent stewardship or our vastly improving economy, we have a much greater debt than in 2010! So looking back at those periods. it shows our salvation, if you can call it that, has been less than a third of the time of our EEC/EU membership, with far worse to come. We arguably had a better record in the preceding post-war period

As to West Lindsey, I honestly don’t see anything outstanding to celebrate, with bin collections being just about the only visible service. I see plenty of muddy verges on the country roads and lanes, frequently concealing crater-like potholes, but that is of course the County Council remit. Perhaps Cllr. Summers can tell us which party runs the County Council.

Oh I see some attempts to raise the profile of towns like Market Rasen but that is never going to successfully happen until someone bites the bullet and realises that it isn’t going to happen whilst car parking becomes a rapidly increasing problem and there is the expectation that any substantial retail business success can be achieved with a town footprint hundreds of years old, some things have to change and with the right vision and better planning, changes can be achieved without destroying the character of old towns.

Barry James

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