Well done Rob

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EDITOR – North Lincolnshire Councillor and Brigg Town Councillor Rob Waltham has, it seems, gone where no other councillor has dared to tread, grabbing this dinosaur by the horns and then giving it such a shake, rattle and roll.

He’s gone and upset the apple cart containing t’other councillor’s who thus start to squeal like weaners at feeding time (Councillor Rob accused – Market Rasen Mail, March 7, 2012).

Here we have a man who stands proud among people at ground level, because he says what we want to hear instead of hiding behind a large ship for the sake of rocking his own boat.

Six hundred houses on four development sites is a massive under-taking on an infrastructure that already has enough on its hands, and to overload a delicate environment.

So, for those who deem Rob Waltham disloyal and perhaps a rebel without a cause for penning his letter, remember, here in our democratic England and our green and pleasant Lincolnshire, ‘we say what we like and we like what we darn well say’.

Mr Rob Waltham, I tip one’s hat to you sir.

Nino Hoblyn