Well done Burt

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Editor – I would first like to praise Coun Burt Keimach for his brave view on prayers before council meetings.

My father, who has been dead for many years, fought in the Second World War to give people the right to have their own views and opinions and not have others’ views and beliefs imposed on them.

The majority of wars and conflicts in the world have been have been conflicts between religions and beliefs.

So I believe Coun Keimach deserves great credit in standing up to the establishment for freedom of the individual.

My second point is that to make the headline for this ‘Outrage over council leader views on prayers’ is a biased piece of reporting. I am certainly NOT outraged, just pleased that he was brave enough to share his views about prayers with us.

If your paper is truly unbiased then please share my views with your readers.

Nigel Cook

Market Place, Market Rasen