We want a bigger Tesco

EDITOR - We would like to point out, that there are people in this town that would like a bigger Tesco (or other brand supermarket).

The “do-gooders” of this town who have decided to run it into the ground have clearly not noticed how much the town has grown over recent years.

We don’t want to have to travel to obtain a better choice of product.

I can understand why the people heading the anti-Tesco campaign are worried, as it’s their small shops that will suffer.

As anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair will tell you the smaller shops are inaccessible and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

In fact a bigger supermarket would keep people in the town to do their weekly shop and therefore more likely to use the smaller shops for specialist items not stocked by supermarkets.

We have recently launched a Facebook campaign, (We want a bigger Tesco in Horncastle) and have already gained 225 supporters in the last week and that figure is rising daily.

Perhaps it’s time the Horncastle News got back on the fence!


On behalf of We want a bigger Tesco in Horncastle