Volunteer week - Macmillan

To all our Macmillan Volunteers- A Thank You - You really do make a difference.

It’s just the little things that helped she said

The lady came in and made my bed

I normally do it myself, I didn’t want to ask

But the lovely man came to cut my grass

Living on my own, I just wanted to talk

Now we chatter away on our weekly walk

Raising money is easy I said

This month I’m shaving my head!

Running the Marathon-I made it my goal

Pounding the pavements mile after mile

I do it for Macmillan –I know it’s worthwhile

Sorry to trouble you, if you’re busy I’ll go.

Not busy at all, what do you want to know?

Help and information, support and advice

The lady at the library was really nice

Nothing’s too much trouble

No hurdle too tall

Our Macmillan Volunteers-we thank them all

Team Macmillan Lincolnshire