Viewpoint: Parking - Consultation flawed

Festival Hall car park
Festival Hall car park

The recent WLDC public consultation on parking charges is somewhat false as it only gave options involving increases to various parking charges.

Choosing between them was a bit like asking a turkey how it wants to be killed.

There was no mechanism to reject all of these options, so whatever WLDC report is produced on the ‘results’ of the consultation will be meaningless.

The best way to support town centre viability is for WLDC to invest in Market Rasen - and not to continue with the current parking charges scheme.

Parking charges will not generate sufficient income to pay for car parks in Market Rasen - this should be clear by now. WLDC has damaged Market Rasen town centre and antagonised the local electorate through the parking charges policy.

Why are car parks in Market Rasen treated in the same way as those in Gainsborough (which is seeing massive investment) rather than comparable towns and villages such as Caistor, Nettleham and Saxilby?

WLDC has not made the case for why Market Rasen car parks have to pay for themselves - it does appear that once again Market Rasen is being unfairly exploited.

Guy Grainger

King St, Market Rasen