UkIP - Smacks of hypocrisy?

I read with interest and incredulity John Saxon’s tirade in the Rasen Mail.

It would appear that UKIP is alone in politics in identifying all the ills of the world and the ways to cure them!

His recent return to the UK from living in Europe and his major policy to leave the EU rather smacks of hypocrisy.

With 2.2 million UK citizens living and working in the EU his policy will make them illegal immigrants!

His first assertion that there could be a European Armed Force set up, reflects his closed mind and lack of historical knowledge. In WW1 we fought alongside France , Belgium, Romania, Serbia, Russia, Italy and the USA. In WW11 you could add Poland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal and today most European nations belong to NATO.

So a European Armed Force already exists and if we are to act against Terrorist and rogue nations we will have to do it together.

His attack on our Tory MP is also disingenuous as both of them would cause the same economic decay by leaving the EU.

Neither of them would be able to increase spending on defence, the NHS or the police as they would have to find further cuts to balance the loss of £56bm of income as a result of leaving the EU. So how would Mr Saxon and Mr Leigh pay for pensions and other vital budgets?

As for the impact on our major local industry Agriculture, and the associated support industries, it would be an economic and social disaster.

Mr Saxon trumpets the lack of a Parliamentary Whip for potential UKIP MP’s. How on earth can UKIP claim to be a serious challenge when there would be no cohesion to its policies and any MP’s elected would all be voting differently!

The most outrageous claim in the letter was his criticism of bankers and the wealthy. These are the very people bankrolling UKIP because they know outside the EU the lack of regulation will allow them to rob the UK economy with alacrity.

And finally, how will Mr Saxon explain to future generations, his grandchildren perhaps, when the effects of Greenhouse Gases flood lowland Lincolnshire? Will he tell them we didn’t allow wind turbines because they spoil the view?

Neil Taylor.

Chapman Street, Market Rasen
Former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the Gainsborough and Horncastle Constituency 1992 and Gainsborough 1997.