Two sides of local authority coin

EDITOR – The good news is I haven’t provoked you for months. The bad news is I am still around.

Since our glorious leaders have been squabbling and nit-picking for months, I have kept out of things.

I do think, however, that your readers should see the other side of the local authority coin.

Private health clubs are all in profit. Before my dicky ticker I used to go the Forest Pines to luxuriate three times a week.

A year’s membership was more economical than going three times a week to Brigg Leisure Centre run by North Lincs.

Wragby community pool has had its management squabbles and problems, but has come up smiling and all on a shoe string.

One must question why West Lindsey makes such operational losses year after year.

Here’s my effort to show the darker side of its service provision.

I leave it to you to provide a title.

Ian Watson-Smith

Address supplied