Two hourly bus idea

EDITOR – On the discussion of the drastic reduction of the no 3 bus, my suggestions are, we have six, two hourly buses with the first one as it is now arriving about 8am in Nettleton with the last one at 6pm.

That way all schools, collages and people going to work should be accommodated. Through the day single deckers could be used to save fuel.

Also I do think some of the drivers need some instruction on how to drive and save fuel at the same time, some of them are very erratic.

Also a couple of questions to Stagecoach. why is an adult fare from Grimsby to Lincoln the same price as from Caistor to Lincoln?

I am sure you could charge more to gain more revenue, it would be well worth it, why should people from Caistor subsidise those from Grimsby?

Next question. Why are there so many buses running about Grimsby empty?

Some of them are running every ten, 12 or 15 minutes, if you cut some of these there would be some extra fuel for the No 3 bus.

We know the buses don’t get full, but for many people this the only transport for getting out and about.

Raymond Mccheyne

By Email