Trying to teach this old dog new tricks?

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EDITOR – After reading the March 30 edition of the Market Rasen Mail, with yet another correspondence in regards to my letter concerning ‘Chatterbox’ from Tim and Rachelle Dalton of Market Rasen, the explanation they give in the way things work today was most informative.

As seen through the eyes of someone like myself, it must have been my very own upbringing that has indeed placed me at the head of a most unconventional childhood. Back then the old saying “spare the rod, spoil the child” was taken as the everyday norm while being hammered into our tiny skulls.

And the cane was dished out on a daily basis for girls and boys, with the hand of many a teacher smacking you so hard against your ear you thought your head would in fact roll off – with an added discomfort of then not being able to hear correctly, which would place you in more trouble when going off to your next lesson. With the teacher speaking to you and you not hearing properly – bang, you would end up getting another clout.

And so this went on, day after day, week after week, with no one to tell your woes to – and God forbid if word ever got back to your parents. It would all start off again, but ten times worse.

So if Tim and Rachelle at Market Rasen would like to teach an old dog some new tricks on a Tuesday and show him how we have in fact progressed in these times in which we now live, then I, Nino Hoblyn, would be only more than happy to oblige. Thank you.

Nino Hoblyn