Try small businesses for a more personal service

EDITOR – I was very sorry to hear how the mayor of Market Rasen has been treated by the almighty, all-conquering Tesco.

I have a very simple and effective solution for Mr Richardson and any of his like-minded constituents.

Fill up at Youngs Garage at Tealby. Many busy and older customers appreciate the traditionally-served fuel still offered at this wonderful garage.

Picture the scene: it’s raining, it’s cold, you pull up and the pump attendant fills your tank.

If you’ve cash you don’t even need to get out of your car to pay. “But it’s more expensive,” I hear you say. True, we are typically three-five pence per litre dearer, but with fuel at £1.40/litre the extra cost is offset by the evidence from ourselves and our loyal customers that the car runs better (diesel or petrol) on our fuel than supermarket fuel, and they report 2-3mpg improvements.

If you do the maths we look forward to serving you shortly. We also supply nitrogen for your tyres that will save you far more fuel than the cost difference per litre, and this benefit keeps saving you money every month.

I can’t remember who said it, but ‘Every little helps’.

This is a tongue in cheek plug for a local business but it has a serious undertone. Buy everything from a national large company like Tesco and you may not have your local garage or butchers for you to represent come election time.

Andy Sullivan

Youngs Garage, Tealby