Transport - Don’t hammer the motorist

If one could please be allowed to digress for the moment and relate to a story in the Market Rasen Mail (Wednesday July 29 2015) which carried the headline on Page 3, “Ex-Special Constable Warns of Serious Accident in Rasen”.

For here we have an 88yr old Peter Hicken along with a large colour photograph claiming that John Street in Market Rasen “Should be Pedestrianised”.

Well! as an avid reader of the Market Rasen Mail for more years than I can remember, this particular story has to take the biscuit for its originality in something that can only be classed as “DAFT”.

For how many people have been killed or seriously injured since the days of the combustion engine first appeared on our roads in this stretch of road in Market Rasen?

And why always bring down the hammer on the heads of the poor old motorist, when in true fact John Street should be “closed to all pedestrians” taking this shortcut, with vehicles having the right of way and thus making the route a little longer for the Health and safety for those on their “Shank’s Pony”.

N Hoblyn

North Street, Caistor