Traffic - Action needed

When is something going to happen to the traffic problem is Jameson Bridge Street?

What does it take for the council and the police to get the message across that motorists and motorcyclists are still exceeding the speed limit.

The sign says 40mph and these people are still using this road as a racetrack.

You may as well take the sign down or put it in a foreign language.

How many people must get injured or killed before someone takes action?

There are a few things that should happen to these people. They should actually read the highway code, take their test again else the police can either fine them, put points on their licence, take it away or impound the car.

CCTV cameras should be placed in strategic places and let the drivers know where they are.

Before long - in March - there will be a mad influx of motorbikes each Wednesday and they should also learn to obey all rules.

The motorists are usually the young ones who have a disregard for everything.

It’s not just speeding; some drivers use mobile phones when driving and that also can mount up to someone getting injured or killed.

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