Tractors - Breaking HSE laws on run?

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Why is it alright to use agricultural tractors to raise funds for hospice funds when all the tractors taking part are clearly breaking the law? I am all in favour of supporting good causes but doing it out side the law cannot be correct.

Your picture shows a modern day tractor, with a small child inside the cab, this is clearly in break of HSE rules, ‘No children are allowed to ride on tractors and farm trailers until fourteen years of age.’

I would expect most of the tractors will be using rebated fuel (red diesel) and taxed as agricultural machines.

Taking part in road runs is not a valid use of this type of vehicle.

Should the organiser of any event not be aware of the rules/law when any fund raising efforts are been made.

In the past I have seen the police at these events, obviously they are turning a blind eye to it but that does not make it ok.

Would it not be better to organise a working day in a farmers field, or simply give a £10 note to hospice funds?

Barnetby resident