Tractor Run - Vehicles are roadworthy

In response to the ‘Barnetby resident’ regarding his/her comments about the tractor road run, to raise funds for Lindsey Lodge Hospice.

Such a sweeping statement that all the tractors participating are breaking the law! Most of these vehicles are classified as vintage or classic, and therefore are not eligible for road tax, however they are all roadworthy, insured and fuelled with white diesel, therefore I think you will find they are not all breaking the law!

This event is held one day out of 365, It is a sad day when the whole community has the opportunity to come together for a common cause, and offer huge support, that there is always a sour note from such as ‘Barnetby resident’

Perhaps we should all just sit at home and do nothing to help others, and complain about those who do.

From a ‘Barnetby resident’ who is not afraid to put her name to this letter

Wendy Broughton