Town is looking tatty and in need of new life

EDITOR – Your readers are not going to like this, but I’ve been gradually building up a very frustrating amount of angst over the appearance of Horncastle since moving here a few years ago.

Ok, you might deem me an outsider; someone who probably doesn’t have a right to criticise, I hear you say?

I do however have family connections with Horncastle that go back a long way. I love the town. I love the antique shops.

Horncastle architecturally, must be one of the nicest Georgian Market Towns in Lincolnshire.

What gets me angry however is the complete lack of thoughtful planning that could transform it into an architectural gem, which would attract more visitors and therefore help the local economy.

It looks tatty and archaic. Shop signs that are more in keeping with the worst industrial areas of our country, brightly coloured with no consistency to their visual appearance.

The centre boasts extremely tatty areas, rundown buildings, flaky paint and stone, railings by the river painted in white instead of a subdued black.

I know we are going through a recession, but surely, shop owners and the council could plan any future rejuvenation in a more thoughtful and coherent manner as and when it’s fiscally possible?

Look at the market towns of the rest of the country, displaying a pride in every bit of detail from gorgeous hanging baskets in the summer to beautiful Christmas decorations in the winter.

Christmas decorations that work too.

Some new shops and cafes are looking smart and cosmopolitan, a welcome step in the right direction.

I’m hoping this is the start of a new renaissance.

Yours........... frustrated.

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