Town council - Get a sense of perspective

I reluctantly support the view that Market Rasen Town Council should be abolished.

In 2015/16, more than £100 of my council tax went to the town council, far more than I was paying to the more effective Louth Town Council when I lived there.

Quite frankly, I have no idea what this money is usefully spent on.

The town is increasingly run down and, if it wasn’t for the vegetable stall, the market would be dysfunctional.

If there is any purpose at all to the existence of 
such a body it is that it operates wholeheartedly in the interests of its population.

How this marries with forcing out the only non-supermarket option for fruit and vegetables in the town is beyond me.

And if the mayor thinks doing away with the town council would be ‘catastrophic’, he really needs to get a sense of perspective.

Geoffrey Barnes

via email