Town council - Change is needed now

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Very interesting comments made by Cllr Bridger concerning by-election, does all the council members and most importantly Cllr Cook, feel the same, that its a waste of money ?

And if so would it be better spent on bringing the may 2015, the two co-opts and this election together for one complete election NOW !

I am sure the people of Market Rasen would take a great deal of interest in “A new broom sweeps clean” attitude, and having voted for their 12 councillors take a more hands on approach to what the council decides on their behalf, a bit more transparency if you like, sorry i seem to have heard that somewhere before and “someone” has shot themselves is very condescending Cllr Bridger.

Does this mean you think that 12 PEOPLE who signed said petition cannot think for themselves, Pot and Kettle comes to mind MRTC“I” think, and does Cllr Bridger not stop to think that the people who signed this are very very fed up and concerned what is happening and going on at the council at the moment and not as I have interpreted your comments as a veiled mischief making protest.

Please give the people of Market Rasen the respect they deserve Cllr Bridger. and finally to all MRTC please take a leaf out of Cllr Bunney’s comments made in the Rasen Mail today and embrace public blogging (MRTC has a Facebook Acc) “they are a part of modern life” and when someone asks a valid question please dignify it with a response.

I know we are not all big Burt K and only the Market-Rasen Town public but Hey ho Give it a go -

Janet Gardener

Market Rasen