Touring caravan site will help to create jobs, so don’t moan

EDITOR – Regarding your recent article about the next ‘Dale Farm’, I really wish you’d look into the situation and get facts right before printing peoples sour gape nonsense.

I would like you to ask the Brigg Road residents about the caravan site, which is situated about six houses down from the proposed site, which is an absolute disgrace. It hasn’t been looked after and is an absolute eyesore; why they haven’t proposed to shut that down?

Notice the word ‘touring’. If I remember rightly Dale Farm had permanent residents, not touring, so may I also suggest that Alan Pearce refers to a dictionary and the news before stating undefined nonsense?

This particular caravan site is also situated right on a tight bend, which is just an accident waiting to happen with caravans coming in and out, so I ask Mr Handford and the residents if he is so concerned about the busy road why he and the residents haven’t sorted this problem out already.

The proposed five-star site is in no way a hazard to any road user as it isn’t placed in a dangerous spot, and I would like to point out that the road could handle the lorries that delivered to the once scrap yard next door. What would be the difference?

Also, the facilities that would be on the site would have no need to use Caistor facilities. I’m sure the proposed cafe won’t be selling the weekly paper, a pint of milk, a packet of biscuits, teabags.

Tourists don’t spend money to spend days at a time cooped up in a caravan – they explore – and with the recent opening of the heritage centre surely there would be more capital income, tourists and word of mouth for Caistor to place itself on the map.

I’m also sure there would be the opportunity of work, which is well needed in the economic situation the country is in.

I’d like to wish Phil Manning the best of luck with this soon-to-be-successful venture and would like to hope the Brigg Road residents take off their ever-so-tinted glasses.

It has just annoyed me that they have the cheek to moan about a top-of-the-range caravan park when there is a caravan park already on their road and more tied in with the label of ‘Dale Farm’.

Dannii Ingley

By email