Time to go back to drawing board

EDITOR – I eagerly awaited the return of Market Rasen’s Christmas Market after last year’s cancellation.

I was looking forward to gluhwein, hog roast, ferris wheel and the Christmassy stalls in the Market Place, as well as in and around the Festival Hall.

What a disappointment!!

I turned up in the Market Place to find under and around the tree – parked cars and a number of other people all wondering just what had happened to the Christmas Market.

So we made our way to the Festival Hall in the certainty that there would be much to be seen there. To find half a dozen stalls outside.

The Festival Hall itself was really busy and had been made to look beautiful, with many craft and charity stalls, but it had the feeling of a school fete, NOT a town’s Christmas market.

Although the money was going to a good cause, there are only so many lucky dips, raffles and tombolas a person can withstand.

I don’t think I was the only one who was left thoroughly disappointed and disillusioned by this year’s organisation.

I think the organisers completely forgot and the ‘market’ was completely left out of Market Rasen!!

Why change what has worked extremely well in previous years?

Shame on the organisers – we were all in need of some Christmas cheer, but this offering sadly fell more than short.

Back to the drawing board, and hoping that the Christmas Market will indeed be back to its former glory next year.


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