Time to act on bus routes?

Editor – I was pleased to see that it was only a tree that came to grief via the Number 3 bus.

As a frequent bus user, I feel that it is time something is done before there is a real tragedy at this corner.

I have twice, in recent weeks, been on the bus, heading for Grimsby, when the driver has pulled over to the right to negotiate the corner and, even though he is indicating left, cars have come up the inside of him, going straight on.

With only five minutes’ leeway between one arriving in each direction it is inevitable that on occasion they meet in George Street, and this leads to some interesting manoeuvres, endangering pedestrians and other road users.

Could not some arrangement be made whereby the bus goes down Gallamore Lane with some sort of feeder minibuses for those not able to walk that far?

Commiserations to Mr Lince, but trees can be replaced – lives can’t.

B Hinchley