Time for the voice of the people to be heard

EDITOR – I have just had the great privilege of recently viewing the film The Titfield Thunderbolt, written in defiance regarding the destruction of the rural railways by Dr Beeching, where the entire community is united in saving the branch line to save their village and way of life.

I also watched Alan Plater’s The Land of Green Ginger, which chronicles the destruction of Hull’s fishing fleet and the scattering of the fishing community with the demolition of perfectly redeemable housing stock, which profoundly affected all my family (my father was a trawler skipper and in the thick of Icelandic cod wars), the end coming with the recent closing of Hull’s last remaining fish dock. Grimsby will not be far behind.

The plundering and raping of our beautiful country fills me with fury and contempt and watching previous social documents like these proves beyond doubt that our integration into the Common Market, as it was labelled then, was a fatal blow to England.

I was not old enough to vote in the referendum but begged my parents to vote against it. Just look at the state we are in now: over-populated with our infrastructure collapsing and fishing, farming and industry just about destroyed.

So, Mr Edward Leigh MP, where is our referendum with regard to our right to vote on whether or not to remain in the EU as it is now?

Even Scotland is giving their own a vital referendum, so why not England?

The brilliant George Clarke (Channel 4 Restoration Man) is fronting a brilliant campaign to keep and restore our housing stock, from terraces to empty spaces above our shops and commercial properties, instead of destroying any more, unnecessarily, of our ‘green belt’.

When will this Government and all of our MPs, who, after all, are this country’s paid servants, AND NOT MASTERS, bite the bullet and admit what the rest of us know, that there is no such thing as a housing shortage, there are just far too many people living in this very tiny country.

If we ever won the Lottery my husband Nino, whom you all know well through his letters, would gladly stand as a councillor and an MP and would gladly champion and represent the people who are the backbone of this community and the whole country, if asked.

We are all truly sick and tired of being beaten over the head constantly with a big stick simply for stating the truth. Big Brother is truly here and will thrive unless we can all find the voice to condemn it and force it to fail.

G P Hoblyn