Time action was taken on our long-standing speeding issues

EDITOR – I would like to say that I agree with Lesley Mosley in trying to reduce traffic speeds in and around Caistor (article dated October 25 – ‘Fight to improve walk to school’).

I brought up the issue of speeding in 2006/7 with the Road Safety Partnership (highways/ police etc), particularly on North Kelsey Road.

At the time we had a declared vested interest with three young lads aged four, six and eight years.

Automatic sensors subsequently recorded vehicles speeding at up to 70mph in a 30mph on the road adjacent to the park and the rear entrance to the grammar school.

The speeding was not considered excessive for the road volume. We did see one police patrol monitoring the traffic on a quiet Sunday afternoon soon afterwards, but nothing since.

Soon after this a Caistor resident was imprisoned for racing with others along Laceby bypass. It ended in an elderly couple being killed.

Whilst I also agree with Lesley Mosley that the walk to school is not safe for children at Caistor Primary School, I think the situation outside the school is far worse.

I also raised the issue of inappropriate parking and cars pulling up at the crossing in front of the school gate in 2007 and more latterly in June 2011.

The situation, if anything, has got worse over the years and in a world where we are told ‘every child matters’ the school, police and local authority appear impotent in resolving matters.

I would like my youngest child to cycle to school, but that would, in my mind, be unthinkable. The fact the relatively new cycle stand at school remains empty suggests other parents agree.

I wish Lesley every success in highlighting the issues relating to traffic management in and around Caistor.

The Brigg Road Residents Association are attempting to reduce speed limits on their road. On North Kelsey Road, a young man was recently killed in his car just outside the town limits. The road is in such a poor state of repair that it is no wonder he lost control.

I raised the issue of traffic management in our historic market town as part of the town planning process in 2008 and more recently earlier this year.

Perhaps when a child is injured walking, cycling or arriving at school we will consider the issue more seriously.

Mike Gilliatt

North Kelsey Road