Tidy up after your dog – or lose right to use our public spaces

EDITOR – I have recently had a dog join our household. I have never had a dog in our house but am really enjoying taking care of it, which means lots of walks around Caistor.

I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of dog mess that is just left on the pavements and public areas of grass.

I must have counted at least ten lots on one of our walks. I never leave home without some nappy bags – which, incidentally, cost 30p for 300 from a local supermarket.

I pick up after the dog every time and if there is a not a dog bin nearby I carry the bag until I come across one or I take it home.

I do not know how Caistor has managed to win so many awards for the best kept small town/village as it is clear that many of its residents do not care about the appearance, let alone the hygiene, of the streets.

If you own/walk a dog it is absolutely your responsibility to clean up after it. If you are too lazy to bend down and pick up after your dog then you have no right to walk it in public places.

I can only assume that the reason you take your dog out is that your own garden must be six foot deep in dog mess.

Do what you like in your own private space but do not inflict your laziness and don’t care attitude on the rest of us, which, as it happens, gives all the dog owners a bad press.

Mrs J Osborne