Thoughts from University of Life

EDITOR – Would it be rather foolish and conceited of me if I was to turn around and say that in previous editions of our Market Rasen Mail I have perhaps pushed the boat out a little too far in trying to put over my own thesis on certain matters, only ending up in blinding some folk with my Walter Mitty brilliance in thinking I know all?

For in all my days upon the blessed land in Lincolnshire I have been to a school that has given me more than any other – and that includes your colleges and your universities, because this is called the School of Life.

And it has given me an insight and knowledge into how to reply to our editor when he asked in the Market Rasen Mail, Wednesday, April 6, 2011, under the headline ‘Lindsey at front of queue for return of Iceland cash’: What would we do with the £4 million recovered?

And that is, as strange as this may seem, reinvest this £4 million straight back into the Icelandic Banks before they get themselves back on their feet.

Then to see at a later date a bonus for the top cats at WLDC of £4m million, leaving £1 for the Market Rasen Swimming Pool Fund.

Such is the life of high finance.

Nino Hoblyn