Thief did not ruin well supported quilt show

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EDITOR – I should like to use your letters page to say thanks to all the people who supported our Quilt Show at Ludford.

The winner of the Visitors’ Choice was the navy and pink reversible quilt by Diane Frankish.

The only disappointing part of the weekend was that we had a thief visit us. Yes a thief. She took a wall hanging and a scissor case, both of which were made by our members.

She also took some fabric and a fabric cutter, but the things which are missed most are the pieces of work which took many hours to make.

We have pictures of them and have sent them around all the groups in Lincolnshire and also gone all over the UK so the person concerned will not be able to display either of them.

The police are also aware of the theft. If the person concerned would like to return them to me at the address below I will pass them back to their makers.

Perhaps her conscience will prick if she reads this.

It didn’t entirely ruin a great weekend and we raised money which will be split between LIVES and Air Ambulance once we have paid all the bills.

Sheila Evans (Chair)

Lindsey Patchworkers