Thanks to decent Rasenites

EDITOR - I recently purchased a saxophone from a lovely couple in Market Rasen and decided to collect it last Wednesday evening, unfortunately when I got home back to Hull I realised I was no longer in possession of my wallet.

I rang the couple and they kindly searched the house, garden and outside area, but there was no sign of my wallet, which contained various debit and credit cards and £80.- cash.

I assumed that was the last I would see of the wallet and spent the rest of the evening ringing the card companies cancelling my cards.

Imagine my surprise when on Thursday morning my wife received a call from a ‘Special police officer’ who said that someone walking had found my wallet and handed it to him, complete with cards, cash etc.etc.

I was absolutely amazed and headed back for Market Rasen to collect the wallet from the police station.

I would like, through your paper, to say a really big thank you to the person who found the wallet and to the special officer who took the time to trace me and make the call.

I’m so pleased that despite cut backs in man hours the police took the time to make the effort to trace me so quickly and I’m very, very pleased to say that my initial negative thought of ‘well that’s that gone’ was totally upturned by a nice genuine person who found the wallet in the first place.

In today’s society there’s so much negativity willingly spread around about people and their attitude and honesty; I would be very grateful if you could print this story and show everyone that there are some very honest and decent people around and Market Rasen should be pleased to say that they’re residents.

Again my sincerest gratitude.

Graham Jordan