Thanks to all for a great team effort

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EDITOR – As one of the organisers of last week’s Gardeners’ Market who, as last year’s Town Mayor, got involved specifically to retain this as a town centre-based event, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the event’s fantastic success.

It was particularly encouraging, given the short time we had to organise the event, to see such a large number of traders and hear that many had record or near-record sales.

Thank you traders, town council and Rasen residents and visitors for your support.

With my second hat on, as president of Market Rasen Lions I thank our members for being part of the organising committee and for providing a free ‘carry your purchases to your car’ service, which helped customers to buy items they could not otherwise have bought.

With my third hat on, as a facilitator of Market Rasen Youth Council I need to give special thanks to our youth council members, ably led by their chairman Luke Patterson, for their help collecting, delivering, erecting and dismantling all the stalls and their provision of an overnight security facility when the arranged security person failed to attend.

Thanks also to the ATC, who provided invaluable help with the stalls both pre and post-event, and Steve Penney, who provided the transport for the stalls and assistance with loading/unloading.

Back to hat number one. I hesitate to single out individuals for praise as so many people contributed in so many ways, but I think deserving of special mention is Brian Sankey of The Chase who, besides being part of the organising committee, allowed the youth team use of his car to perform their overnight security role, and Market Rasen Town Mayor Ken Bridger, who was heavily involved in the whole day and prior to the day, as well as assisting in the emergency overnight security cover with Jayne Sankey and the Youth Council.

Fellow youth council facilitator and ex-councillor Mike Eckersley also made a major contribution to the event’s success, along with Steve Penney and Angela Sach, of Waltham Herbs, who played a particularly large part in retaining the event for the town and in making it such a success and were instrumental in attracting such a large number of traders.

Last, but certainly not least, is Sam Rea of The Friday Night Project, who has been and still is a prime contributor to the successful creation and ongoing success of Market Rasen Youth Council and who was heavily involved as a committee member and volunteer both pre and post-event.

Apologies if I have missed anyone deserving of special mention.

If you have any suggestions to make the event even better next year please let me know.

Please add to your diary our sister event, OPEN GARDENS AND SUMMER (GARDENERS) MARKET on July 30, which promises to be even bigger and better than our spring event and will coincide with a flower club show at the Festival Hall.

Further details from or or .

Thanks again everyone.

Brian Richardson

Market Rasen