Thanks for support shown to production

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On behalf of the production team of the Market Rasen Churches Together Christmas Mime, I would like to express our sincere thanks to the people of Market Rasen and its locale for their support.

We estimate that between 250 – 350 people turned up on December 17 – and this was in spite of the rain.

I would also like to publicly acknowledge and pay tribute to the 12 children (and their parents) and 14 adults who took on the roles as actors (including two narrators), and the team of 19 people who made up the production unit, as well as the 52 people from the local community (ranging from business owners and farmers to local police and town council members) who played their own roles behind the scenes.

I believe that all who saw the Mime were impacted in a positive way.

What we were depicting was of course no mere drama, for the events of Christ’s birth (and life) are not only testified in numerous historical documents, but also by several dozen prophecies that were written in the Old Testament hundreds of years before Christ’s birth.

For those who object to the Christian faith (as I did until I was 32 years old), this fact surely deserves to be investigated.

As 2013 dawns, with its new and unpredictable challenges, I would like to commend anew the Christian faith to those who have not yet considered it.

Or perhaps there are those in our community who at one time had a fledgling faith, but who have been hurt by those who have professed to be Christian.

All I can say is that tragically this does sometimes happen.

But simply to petition you, please do not cut yourself off from what is good and true in the process.

God bless you all,

David Young

Director 2013 Mime