Thanks for speaking up

EDITOR – My partner and I were shopping with our young son in Rasen the other Saturday.

I went to the supermarket whilst they went to the town centre shops. In one of the shops he visited he was juggling our little boy, the list, shopping bag and money.

I am disgusted at what happened next. There were two other customers in the shop. My partner was made aware that the £20 note he had taken out of his wallet to pay for his shopping had been taken whilst he sorted our son out.

A young man stood in the queue had seen an older man take the money my partner had dropped and he was holding it in his hand.

After a few words were exchanged the money was given back. The older man said nothing and had the audacity to remain in the queue as my partner left he thanked the young man for being honest.

In the current climate of job losses, increasing utility and fuel bills we need every penny we earn.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the young man for being brave enough to stand up to a petty thief (petty being the operative word).

Thank you.

Jo Jenkinson

South Willingham