Thanks for sincere support

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Editor – Please print this response to the letter from Burt Keimach, who stated ‘In the interest of a complete story’.

With reference to the closure of Racing Start Nursery and Fun Club, this is not the complete story, nor is it totally accurate.

This has been a two-and-a-half-year nightmare that fills two books and three files!

After an unsuccessful attempt to relocate to Rase Park with my own funds, I looked at converting and renting a building in Market Rasen but could not find anything suitable, so I decided to close the nursery in January 2011 and I was asked to stay open by LCC.

I was offered help to relocate the nursery as the present building is not fit for purpose.

Mr Keimach states in his letter ‘the Government grant for our Local Authority capital pot for children’s provision ceased in 2010’. However, in January 2011 the nursery was considered a quality setting that was busy and needed in Market Rasen, that is why LCC were looking at projects to relocate the setting. I was told money was available to help.

Although I did not ask for a purpose-built building, I was always going to contribute towards any move.

Among other options, I have offered to rent the LCC building on King Street and fund the refurbishment myself (at no cost to LCC). The present Government has said they are committed to helping small business; money has been set aside to ‘re-generate’ Market Rasen town centre (Portas Pilot Project). The LCC building is standing empty, being able to rent it would have helped this small business.

Market Rasen are trying to improve the look and feel of the town centre and derelict and empty buildings are one of their problems.

The fact is, when Racing Start closes there is no choice of full day care settings in Market Rasen.

I have never worked with Mr Keimach to relocate Racing Start Nursery; his information on some issues in the article is incorrect.

If Racing Start had been re-located to Market Rasen it would have been accessible to even more families. This setting, with the quality of care and education, putting the CHILD AS THE FIRST PRIORITY, would have had a positive impact on many children and families in the area. Jobs would have been saved and parents and carers would have had a choice of full day care settings for their children. All this for a little or no cost to LCC if premises had been found.

Staff at Racing Start would like to thank the many people who have supported and helped us; our team are very sad but grateful to them and would like to thank them all sincerely.

Nicola East

Racing Start