Thanks for doing the right thing

Editor – It is wonderful news that after four years of campaigning we have heard from Graham Marsh, the executive councillor for adult social care and supporting people, that on-site wardens are going to be retained in our local sheltered housing complexes.

I would just like to thank the many people who have campaigned to retain the on-site wardens over that time, and to single out one person in particular, Andrew Morrison, who has done so much to fight the cause.

Andrew, with the help of Stephen Hewson, rallied the local support and then showed great determination and persistence through numerous meetings with council officials, service providers and others to argue the case and to keep the issue alive, through to this happy conclusion.

There are occasions when we need to make a stand for those things that are right and just, and a need for leadership to rally our support. Andrew saw the need and offered that leadership. Without his intervention this cause may well have slipped us all by, and many vulnerable people would have been much the poorer for it.

The Rev Charles Patrick

Middle Rasen