Thank you for support in rejecting Tesco store plan

EDITOR – As chairman of the Town Plan Action Group, can I personally thank the overwhelming majority of the residents of Horncastle who have vigorously supported the rejection Tesco’s application for the Lincoln Road site and promoted Tesco remaining on the Watermill site, but with improved facilities.

I was honoured to be asked to speak on behalf of the town residents, the town council, the Civic Society and the Chamber of Commerce.

However, should Tesco decide to appeal, and they have six months from the decision notice, then a real battle will start and all the guile and stoic resistance we have shown to date will be severely tested.

To this end I have started actions to try and bring Tesco to the table and set out below is my letter to Sir Peter Tapsall calling on his help to make this happen.

Finally to the members of the TPAG, my personal thanks for all the hardwork and support to achieve a refusal on the application.

My letter to Sir Peter Tapsell

You will be aware that the above application was refused by the ELDC Planning Committee at their meeting on the August 18.

My purpose in writing to you Sir, is to thank you for your support in opposing the application on behalf of the people of Horncastle the Town Plan Action Group, Civic Society and the Chamber of Commerce.

We may have won the first round but if Tesco appeal then the real battle has only just started.

The TPAG have written to the CEO on the April 4, 2011 and more recently on the August 19, inviting him to come and talk to the three groups in the town and with the town council if they are so mindful.

Through your good offices are you able to help facilitate this happening for the reasons set out in the April 4 letter.

Again through your good offices are you able to alert the Prime Minister to a fine example of how the Big Society can work and enlist his support and even persuade him to visit Horncastle and meet with the TPAG to move matters to a successful conclusion.

I will be delighted to meet with you in Horncastle at your convenience

Richard Barker RIBA

Chairman of the TPAG.