Thank you - Aid of two good Samaritans

I, through your paper, would like to thank the two guys who helped me out an hour ago.

I had parked my 1,000cc motorbike in the passageway between my flat and next door.

The rain overnight had made the passageway very slippery (due to the moss) so when I took the bike off the sidestand the wheels slid up against my neighbour’s wall - ie the bike was at 45 degrees and it weighs 260kg - I had to shout ‘if anyone’s passing, please help’.

Two guys turned up, they helped right my bike and then went.

I intended to offer them a drink as a thank you, but they had gone - so, thank you to them.

I could have a severely damaged motorbike if it hadn’t been for their help.

Charles E Waters ODA

De Aston Grammar 1967-1973, Plough Hill, Caistor.